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David L. Simon

Ayla Önder

Admitted, MD, DC 

Admitted, Izmir, Turkey


Roberto Turolla


International Trade Consultant


Milan, Italy






Law Offices of David L. Simon specializes in international trade law, particularly antidumping (AD) and countervailing duties (CVD) matters.  From our base in Washington, DC, we represent clients worldwide before tribunals in the US and abroad.  We have represented clients before the antidumping tribunals of the United States, Canada, the European Union, Turkey, Chile, Egypt, and others.  We have over 25 years’ experience in the steel industry, textile and apparel, food products, and other industrial and consumer goods sectors.

David Simon is a US lawyer, specializing in AD/CVD law since 1977.  He has been lead attorney in scores of AD/CVD proceedings involving steel, apparel, and food products, particularly pasta.  Since 1995, in addition to a number of steel industry cases, Mr. Simon has successfully represented Turkish and Italian pasta producers in over  35 separate AD/CVD proceedings.  In 2001, during the US steel safeguards investigations, Mr. Simon represented the “long products” sector of the European steel industry (Eurofer), as well as flat steel producers in Turkey (Erdemir) and Indonesia (Krakatau).

Ayla Önder is a Turkish lawyer, who was a senior executive at a major Turkish food producer/exporter for 25 years.  In 1995, Mrs. Önder joined Mr. Simon to establish the Law Offices of David L. Simon.   Mrs. Önder has participated in AD/CVD reviews of over a dozen pastifici, and has represented Turkish steel industry clients in proceedings before the antidumping tribunals of the US as well as Canada, Chile, and the EU.  Mrs. Önder brings 25 years’ commercial experience to our law firm as well as her legal experience.

Roberto Turolla is an Italian accounting and financial advisor who has actively participated in over a dozen antidumping matters during his affiliation with our firm.

In addition, we bring to each case a group of specialized technical consultants, including alumni of the Commerce Department’s Office of Antidumping Compliance. 


Representative clients include pastifici Combattenti, Corticella, Guido Ferrara, Guacci, Pagani, Antonio Pallante, PAM, Riscossa, Tomasello, and Zaffiri in Italy; pastifici Filiz, Pastavilla, Gidasa, and Beslen in Turkey; steel mills Erdemir (flat products), Habaş (long products), and Yücel Boru (hollow products) in Turkey; EUROFER (European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries) and numerous member companies in the European Union, including Lucchini S.p.A.; and PT Krakatau Steel in Indonesia.



DAVID L. SIMON, admitted to bar, 1977, Maryland; 1979, District of Columbia and U.S. Court of International Trade; 1982, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.


Education:  St. John's College, Annapolis, MD (BA, 1969); University of Maryland Law School (JD, 1977).  President, Maryland International Law Society, 1976–77. Editor, International Trade Law Journal, 1975 – 77.


Publications: "Implications of the Taiwan Relations Act for US-ROC Economic Relations," 13 American Studies 85 (Taipei: Academia Sinica, 1983);  Annual Survey of US–Taiwan Trade Law, Chinese Yearbook of International Law and Affairs (1981–90); "Trade with the United States," in Mitchell Silk, ed., Taiwan and International Trade (Oxford Univ. Press, 1993).


Professional activities:  Adjunct Faculty, University of Maryland Law School, 1984–90 (international trade). Director, American Association for Chinese Studies, 1987–89.


Member:  District of Columbia Bar; Maryland Bar; American-Turkish Council, Atatürk Society of America.






AYLA ÖNDER, attorney-at-law; member, Bar of Izmir, Turkey. 


Education: Graduated, American High School for Girls (ACI), Izmir, 1963; Istanbul University Law School, 1968.


Business career:


1971–96: General Counsel, Export-Import Manager, and Secretary-General, for a major Turkish producer of pasta and other food products. Responsibilities included management of the export and import departments; compliance with laws and regulations in local and export markets; government and industry liaison; negotiating collective agreements with employees' labor union; handling meetings of the Board of Directors and shareholders' annual meetings.


1996 –       :  Practicing attorney, specializing in antidumping and international litigation.


Member:  Member of the Bar, Izmir, Turkey; Director, Atatürk Society of America, 1997; American-Turkish Association; Assembly of American-Turkish Associations.


Languages: Turkish, English, German.






ROBERTO TUROLLA, accounting and financial advisor, Milan, Italy. Particular expertise in accounting and financial analysis, financial reporting standardization, accounting database extraction and configuration, mergers and acquisitions.


Education:  University Degree in Economics, Università Cattolica di Milano; “Strategic Planning” and “Project Management” courses at Management Centre Europe, Bruxelles, and SDA Bocconi.


Business career:


January 2001 – present

Corporate Advisor of La Compagnia Finanziaria, an Italian merchant bank, with focus on M&A.


March 2000 – present

Collaboration with Law Offices of David L. Simon, Washington, DC, regarding antidumping proceedings under international trade law; responsible for extraction of complex databases from accounting systems and construction of rigorous cost of production models, as well as client support during verifications/audits.


Consultancy for mergers, acquisitions and restructuring in Italian industrial, distribution and retail sectors.


April 1999 – March 2000

Director of F.P. Industrial Adviser S.p.A.

Divestment of Equitalia portfolio.


1990 – 1999

F.P. Industrial Adviser S.p.A., Milan (Flemings Group)

Advisor to closed-end fund Equitalia. 


1989 – 1990

Compagnia Finanziaria Italiana S.p.A., Milan (Cariplo Group)

M&A and direct investments team .


1986 – 1989

Recordati S.p.A., Milan

Assistant for Corporate Development.


1985 – 1986

Farmitalia-Carlo Erba S.p.A., Milan

Working Capital Group Controller.


1982 – 1985

Recordati S.p.A., Milan

Assistant to the Finance Director.


1978 – 1982

Credito Italiano S.p.A., Milan

Stocks Department.


Languages: Italian, English, Spanish


Other information:  High-level skill in information technology tools.





Hot-Rolled Steel Coil from Turkey (EU AD Investigation) (2002) (Erdemir)

Steel Rebar from Turkey (2001/02) (Habaş)

Cold-Rolled Carbon Steel Flat Products from Turkey (1999)  (Erdemir)

Seamless Pipe from Ukraine (EU AD Investigation) (1999)

Steel Rebar & Wire Rod from Turkey (Chilean AD Investigation) (1999) (Habaş, Colakoglu)

Steel Reinforcing Bar from Turkey (Canadian AD Investigation) (1999) (Habaş, Colakoglu)

Wire Rod from Turkey (EU AD Investigation) (1999) (Habaş, Colakoglu)

Steel Reinforcing Bar from Turkey (Egyptian AD Investigation) (1999) (Habaş, Colakoglu, Diler)

Pasta from Turkey (1995 – present)  (Pastavilla, Filiz, Beslen)

Pasta from Italy (1997 – present) (Pallante, Guacci, Pagani, Ferrara, Riscossa, Tomasello, Zaffiri)

Carbon Steel Pipe from Turkey (1994 – present) (Yücel Group)

Ball Bearings from EU (Turkish AD investigation) (1997-98) (FAG)

Bicycles from the People's Republic of China (ITC) (1995)

Industrial Belts from Japan (Scope Review) (1996)

Stainless Steel Pipe from Taiwan (1992 – 1998) (Chang Mien)

Manmade Fiber Sweaters from Hong Kong (1990 – 95)

Ball Bearings from Turkey (USITC) (1992) (ORS)

Carbon Steel Pipe from Taiwan (1982 – 1990)  (KHC, Yieh Hsing, Femco, Ornatube)

Cotton Shop Towels from the People's Republic of China (1992 – 1996)

Light-Walled Rectangular Pipe from Taiwan (1985 – 1989) (Ornatube)

Butt-weld Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings from Taiwan (1984 – 1989) (CM, Rigid)

Residential Door Locks from Taiwan (1989 – 1990) (Tong Lung, Fu Hsing)

Malleable Pipe Fittings from Taiwan  (1982)

Steel Plate from Taiwan (1978 – 1986) (China Steel Corp.)




Steel (§201 Escape Clause) (2001) (EUROFER, Erdemir, Krakatau, Habas)

Pasta from Turkey (CVD) (1995 – present) (Gov’t of Turkey, Filiz, Pastavilla)

Pasta from Italy (CVD) (1997 – present) (Pallante, Riscossa)

Lead and Bismuth Steel from Germany (CVD - Court of Appeals) (1995)

Oil Country Tubular Goods from Taiwan (CVD) (1986 – 1988)

§301 Investigations, People's Republic of China (1994 – 1997)

Leather Wearing Apparel (§201 - Escape Clause) (1982)

Cooking Ware (§201) (1984)

Clothes Pins (§406 - market disruption; §201) (1982 – 1986)

Vertical Milling Machines (§337 - trademark infringement) (1980 – 1983)

Woodworking Machines (§337) (1983 – 1984)

Skateboards (§337 - patent infringement) (1980 – 1983)




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[1] United States cases unless otherwise noted; selected client names in italics.